4 Ways Marketing and Human Resources Can Work Together

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Earlier this month, I facilitated a table at the Kennebec Valley Human Resource Association. Who knew human resource professionals were faced with so many challenges. Topics included marijuana use in the workplace, SHRM certification, employee form data and hiring transgenders.

As I looked out into the crowd, I realized I knew quite a few of the attendees. They were mostly middle aged females from the Augusta and Waterville region. From my perspective, most them were very organized type of people. I guess that’s what Human Resources is made of – nurturing organized individuals.

Coming from marketing, this is great! Us marketing folk are creative in nature and tend to think outside of the box. We often need to be pulled back into reality to dot our i’s and cross our t’s.

As a business owner, I value human resource personnel to make sure we are abiding by all the laws – so we don’t go out of business by being sued or worse, over taxed!

Throughout the years, in my professional field, I find that most human resource and marketing departments do not communicate as much as they should. In fact – in some companies – I’ve seen absolutely no communication between the two. This is a huge issue when it comes to a company’s success.

My company depends on the success of my team and the recruitment of talent. Marketing and human resource departments need to work together to create and deliver messages. There are many ways human resources and marketing teams can work together. Here are a few:

Use Employee Stories to Recruit

The best way to attract website developers, truck drivers or nurses – is to share stories of other employees to the market place. Note “market place” is wherever these professionals “hang out”. This maybe on LinkedIn or at the truck stop! If you don’t know, go ask them!

Talk with your current workforce to gather demographic and psychographic information.  What are their values, attitudes and interests? Find common ground and use it for recruitment.

Utilize Captive Audiences

Today, marketing professionals create captive audiences through content marketing. We grow our social media networks and email lists. Utilize these captive audiences to push out job descriptions and messages about who you are as a company and how great it is to work for this company.

Everyone likes to see the “behind the scenes” content. That’s why reality shows are such a big hit. Lifestyle is important. Try to focus on personal connections; but, make sure you utilize your marketing team’s efforts.

Use Technology to Communicate

Marketing teams can help human resource professionals adopt communication technology and software programs like Asana, Slack and Zoom to improve productivity of the work place.

Facebook recently launched Facebook Workplace. Microsoft now owns LinkedIn and recently launched Microsoft Teams. These are companies to watch.

With the ever-changing technology landscape, marketing and human resources need to work together to stay in the know and implement technology where appropriate.

Remove the Divide

Have monthly meetings between both the marketing and human resource team. Consolidate communications so they are consistent. It’s best to have one person posting to social media, managing advertising campaigns and sending emails vs. two or three. It’s also better to use the same graphic designer to keep brand consistency.

If you’re company does not typically work this way, it may take some time to adjust and learn to work together.

At the end of the day, we’re in the people business. We service and sell products to people. We hire people and we have only ourselves to blame for failed relationships – with people.