Reduce Facebook Drama By Unfollowing Your Friends

Reduce Facebook drama by controlling what you see in your Facebook newsfeed.

Many people are not interested in seeing negativity in their Facebook newsfeed. You as a Facebook user has the ability to control what you see within your newsfeed. Below are instructions on how to unfollow Facebook friends so you will have a healthy online environment to socialize with your friends, family members and associates.

Note: When you unfollow your Facebook friends, their status updates will not show up in your newsfeed; and, they will not know that you have unfollowed them.

There are two ways to unfollow a Facebook friend.

You can go to your Facebook friend’s timeline and click on the “Follow” button which is located between the “Friends” and “Message” button.

You can also unfollow a Facebook friend directly from your newsfeed. When you see a status update you do not want to see, click on the downward arrow located to the upper right of the status update.

You will then have the below options.

If you still want to see your Facebook friend’s status updates in your newsfeed but don’t want to see that specific type of status update (i.e. negativity, swearing) then choose the “I don’t want to see this” option.

If you no longer wish to see any and all status updates from your Facebook friend, then select “Unfollow [friend’s name].

If you consistently unfollow Facebook friends, you will find less drama in your Facebook newsfeed.