How to Write Basic SEO Friendly Website Copy

I’m no expert on SEO; but, I do know a thing or two about writing SEO friendly website copy. My shop works a lot with WordPress. We design and develop, we update and we write copy. My copywriters write website copy as well as blog copy.

What’s the difference you ask?

Well technically blog copy is website copy. All blogs are hosted the blogger’s website. Blogs differentiate from plain ole website copy in a couple different ways.

  • Blogs are timely. They are written within the present time and dated. The information is generated from one person’s perception and may change in the future.
  • Blogs function differently than website copy. Website copy is considered “static”. Blogs are fluid. When a blog is shown on a website, the most recent blog shows first and then gets pushed down as more blogs are published.
  • Blogs can be categorized and tagged and be sorted to improve user experience.

Warning: It’s important to write a new blog about the same topic instead of updating an old blog. Trust me, it messes up the entire system.

Ok, on to the SEO part. First of all, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When you or anyone goes into a search engine – like Google – and types in “keywords” to generate results, the search engine uses those keywords to scourer the internet for the best fit.

How Google does this is a mystery to me; however, many SEO professionals spend their time keeping up with the algorithm. I suppose once I decide to offer SEO packages to my clients, I’ll know more.

Anyhow, back to basics. When you’re writing SEO friendly website copy – which includes blogs – you should follow the below structure.

Pick a Topic: Pick a topic that you need to convey. This information may be your products, your services, a question that keeps popping up and needs to be explained and later referenced.

Identify Your Keyword or Keyword Phrase: Once you have a topic, pick a keyword or keyword phrase. Of course you can get into keywords all day long.

There’s keyword tools available like Google AdWords Keyword Planner that will help plan the rest of your life. But for those of you who are newbies to SEO, this is the better way – trust me.

You’re keyword (i.e. pencil) or your keyword phrase (i.e. best pencil, best pencil in Maine) should be something that is easily used throughout the copy without sounding robotic. It should also be relevant to your audience. Would your audience use your keyword/keyword phrase when searching for your products or services?

Another thing to keep in mind is to use keyword rich copy throughout your website. Maybe the website copy you are writing today isn’t focused on your location; however, location is important to you. In that case, you need to make sure that your location “keyword” is used throughout your website copy – as a whole.

Place Your Keyword/Keyword Phrase: After picking your keyword/keyword phrase, you need to make sure it’s in the following places:

Title: I’m not going to get into the entire title writing technique. Just know, there’s another blog coming about title writing. Anyhow, make sure your keyword/keyword phrase is in the title.

Warning: Every time your keyword phrase is used, it needs to be in the exact order using the same exact words. If you make one plural and one singular, you’re losing the battle with Google’s search algorithm.

Permalink: The permalink otherwise known as your web page’s URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the string that people enter in their web browser to find you.

For instance, if you type, you will find my business website. If you type, you will find my contact form which is located on my website. Both links are permalinks.

Typically, you want your permalink to have your title in it since your keyword(s) is already in your title (see above). The permalink for this blog is

First Sentence: Your keyword(s) should appear in the first sentence of your copy.

Within Body: Your keyword(s) needs to be placed throughout the copy at least twice. Longer copy may allow for a higher keyword density.

And that, my friends, is how you write basic SEO friendly website copy. For more information on writing copy or for a quote on our copywriting services, please contact me.