How to Create the Perfect Facebook Post

There really is a secret formula on How to Create the Perfect Facebook Post. Here it is.

A perfect Facebook post consists of a few lines of copy – two sentences tops, unless your audience is heavily into reading – a picture, a link and a hashtag or two.

Copy: The point of the copy is to make the reader engages but liking, commenting or sharing. Shares are the best; however, likes and comments are good too. By increasing engagement your Facebook fans are more likely to see your status updates in their news feed. (Just trust me on that one; I’ll explain Edgerank at another time.)

Picture: The picture/graphic should grab your audiences attention. Usually images that induce emotions are best. Picture quotes are usually well received from all audiences and easy to find. If you are linking to a blog article or website, it is okay to take the image directly from the article page.

Original graphics are best; but, let’s face it – we don’t all have the skill or time to create our own graphics. You can find a lot of free stock photo out there. A couple quick stock photo sites are and

Link: Ideally and this is not always the case, you should link to a website (maybe yours) so the reader can find more information about the subject you are writing about. Just make sure this link is not long and messy. You can shorten your links via, and just to name a few link shortener websites.

Note if you add a link with no picture Facebook will automatically generate a preview of the link to include a picture, headline and a short description. This preview is generated from the website you are linking to; therefore, if the preview does not look as it should, it needs to be fixed on the back end of the website.

Hashtag: Many people are confused as to what a hashtag is – it’s the number symbol followed by letters or numbers with no spaces or punctuation that represents a topic/subject. You should not get carried away with putting too many hashtags in your Facebook status updates because it looks messy and unprofessional. Hashtags should represent the topic of your post and possibly the location. Use one hashtag at minimum and three at most – unless your selling hashtags of course!

And that (comma) my friends is how you create the perfect Facebook post. Stay tuned for content ideas. 🙂