Freelancers. Entrepreneurs. Business Owners.

What do they all have in common? They want to be their own boss, make their own schedule and have financial freedom. Most of all, they like the game of staying alive in the electronic jungle.

Set a Goal

First you need to set a goal and be 100 percent sure that's what you want.

Once your goal is locked and loaded in your mind, that's all you think about. Everything you do will now be in the same direction of your primary goal.

Make a Plan

After you have identified your goal, you must create a plan to achieve it.

Your plan will evolve over time. You will make mistakes. You will learn. Most importantly, you will achieve your goal.

Think Positive

The only thing that will hold you down is negativity.

You must remove everything that gets in the way of your goal - even if it's your own negativity. Think positive. Remove the rest.

Get 'er Done!

Thinking is great; but, action is magic.

You must be willing to take the appropriate actions to succeed. This will be scary and often very hard decisions will need to be made; but, if you want it, you'll do it.