Email Marketing: Why Should I Use An Email Service Provider

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective digital marketing tools that we offer our clients – more so than social media.

I’m sure you have received some type of email newsletter in your inbox at some point. For the sake of making life easier I’m going to call these emails “newsletters”; however, they can also be called announcements, blasts, etc. Whatever you call them, they should come via a creditable email service provider like Constant Contact or MailChimp.

Email service providers work for you by making sure that your email newsletter gets from your desktop to your target market’s inbox. They do this by overcoming endless online obstacles such as firewalls, spam filters and the digital abyss also known as cyber space.

Additionally, email service providers will make sure you are following all the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003¬†which prevents businesses from “spamming” peoples’ email accounts.

Lastly, email marketing should be permission based and have an unsubscribe button located in every email newsletter. If you did not give an organization permission to email you and they do, then it is considered spam and against CAN-SPAM guidelines.

Have you ever received an email that you can’t unsubscribe to? We all have. In that case, you need to mark the email as spam. All email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Gmail and Mail have spam buttons. If an email is marked as spam enough times it could potentially be blacklisted from the email client. Imagine being blacklisted from Google or Yahoo?

Therefore it’s important to use an email service provider and not send mass emails from your personal email account.