How To Use Facebook As A Customer Service Tool

If you are utilizing Facebook for marketing purposes you undoubtedly will be using this mass media channel for customer service. Below are a few ways you can have great customer service skills on Facebook while at the same time keeping your marketing objectives in check.
Always like the comment unless you don’t actually like it; then in that case – address it (see below for “address negative comments”). On Facebook, the act of liking something isn’t necessarily showing your admiration. Liking a comment on Facebook merely means you have read and acknowledged the statement. So from a customer service perspective you want to make sure your audience feels comforted by knowing that you are listening to them. Like the comment!
Create conversations where possible. This is kinda a no-brainer. All self educating Facebook articles contain reasons why engagement is important across the Facebook marketing plain. But, let’s not forget about those people who do not participate in online conversations yet merely watch. We can call them the “watchers” – you know those people who haven’t quite reached the “liker” stage yet. But they are still interested. Trust assure someone is watching your brand, reading your conversations and judging your customer service skills! At the same time you don’t want to be scared to create conversations. Show some personality! Show them how good you treat your customers; entertain where possible.
Address negative comments at all times possible unless immediate deleting and blocking is required. The basic rule of thumb is to give the commenter a chance to be a mature adult. If they can’t be a mature adult and continue to create a negative atmosphere, then it is perfectly acceptable to delete their comment and block them.  However, you shouldn’t just delete negative comments without first trying to use your superb customer service skills to alleviate the problem at hand. If the situation needs to be taking offline make sure to clearly tell the person who to contact. For example, you can say – “Please call Nancy in accounting.” or “Email Tom at This allows all those “watchers” to see that your company cares and understands. You can create a list of guidelines and rules (i.e. no bullying, no swearing, no client information) and post them to your company’s description if you are concerned about negative comments.