Difference between Facebook Instagram and Snapchat Stories
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The Difference between Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat Stories?

As you may know social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are today’s main form of communication with billions of users with an array of demographics. With Snapchat leading in the Story department, Instagram launched Stories in August of 2016. Facebook followed suite in 2017. So, you may ask – what is the difference between Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat Stories? Here’s the current breakdown on April 4, 2018.

The difference between Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat Stories?

Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat Story all have some very basic functionalities like the ability to upload a media file, edit an image, use a filter, add a sticker and save the Story to your camera roll. All platforms allow you to send Stories as a private message and share them as a “post” on your profile. Between filters and stickers, each platform automates the ability to show time, location and time.


  • Advanced filters including voice changers. Snapchat filters are more advanced than Instagram and Facebook filters; and, Snapchat is the only social media platform to offer voice changing filters. 
  • Filter and sticker updates. Snapchat a few classic filters (i.e. Dog, Flower Crown) that are consistent. They also do a great job at keeping filters fresh and relevant with new filter and sticker updates that are nearly daily. Filters mimic trending topics like holidays, politics and television shows.
  • Animated and advanced stickers: Snaphat is the only platform currently offering animated stickers and the ability to create a custom virtual avatar also known as your Bitmoji. Snapchat stickers also allow you to show your current speed and local temperature.
  • Ability to attach a link: You can link your Snapchat Story to a website. Link destinations are shown when a user swipes up on your Snapchat Story.
  • Clipping and Editing: Snapchat allows you to clip and save a designated area of our Story. You can also edit your image to include filters a portion of your Story.


  • Tag another Instagram profile. The tag is a clickable link directing the user to the tagged profile. They will receive a notification that they were tagged and other people.
  • Use hashtags. All used hashtags are clickable and will show up in the hashtag feed.
  • Share Stories directly to Facebook. Every time you post an Instagram Story, Instagram will post the Story directly to Facebook Stories. You can find this option in your Instagram Story settings
  • Highlight Story on your Instagram profile. You can highlight up to five Stories on your Instagram profile. Each story allows a short headline and will receive more reach than normal stories that disappear after 24 hours. You can also pick Stories to highlight from your Story archives.
  • Story capturing capabilities: Instagram leads with its Story capturing capabilities which include text, live, normal, boomerang, focus, superzoom, rewind, hands-free, stop-motion. More information on this later. For now, you will have to check out these features on your own. 


The ONLY difference that makes Facebook Stories stand apart from Snapchat and Instagram is the ability to go live within Stories. Live allows you to include a fundraiser link and use a filter. But also note that Facebook bough Instagram in 2012 and integrating many functionalities. Expect more from this social media giant when it comes to communication.

Marketing Thoughts

In conclusion, there are a lot of similarities; however, the difference between Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat Stories are cut and dry. Snapchat is still leading in filters and stickers. Instagram capturing capabilities offer the ability to be more creative with video. And no one should ever underestimate the social media giant, Facebook.

If you’re a marketer, focus on producing content that attracts your target market. Content should always remain consistent with your brand. Place content on social media platforms with a clear call to action. Familiarize yourself with social media functionalities and keep educated on social media updates and trends.

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