Welcome Home A Quick Update by Tracy O'Clair
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Welcome Home: A Quick Update

I-95 Traffic

First of all, I’d like to say that the Interstate 95 was ridiculously busy with traffic and state troopers this past Friday. I didn’t account for the Memorial Day traffic and even if I did, I wouldn’t have known that it was a legit concern. So all in all I would have traveled back as planned anyhow. However, I definitely won’t be driving long distances on Memorial Day weekend through the New England states. I hate waiting in traffic! I just don’t have any patience for that.

Living Space

It feels amazing to get out of that tiny Airbnb rental, not have the pressures of the inescapable school schedule and to be home with my friends and family. I’m just now getting a little time to myself as 11 is with her father, 60 is at work and 18 is probably sleeping somewhere.

Shortly, I will have to make a trip to Uhaul and grab an in-town truck, then go direct the move of 18 out of his first apartment which didn’t work out so well; but, that’s a difference story in itself.

I look at apartments this week and am in search of a four-bedroom apartment or house that we can all live in. Living in Florida and having 18 and 60 in two separate apartments made me realize just how much money we all collaboratively spend on rent!

It’s been a worry of mine throughout the entire year.

Note: In my head, a year starts when school starts in August because that’s the schedule I need to plan around.

Anyhow, we’re all going to bunk up in the same living quarters until I figure out what makes the most sense in regards to buying property.

My overall goal is to have two homes – one in Florida and one in Maine. I do love Maine; but, I’m not too hot on the winter season being full of snow. It would be ideal to live in Maine until after Christmas and in Florida January to April. You know the typical snowbird calendar.

At the same time, as I drove through Georgia, I was like mhm, this is super nice and they have trees!!! The air quality is a million times better with green trees instead of palm trees!

I wish I could just get Boston or NYC without the snow. Oh well. I guess you can’t always have everything!

A Quick Take Away List

For now, I’m going to put my nose to the ground and focus on my family and my business. I’ve learned a lot this past year. Here’s a super quick list. I’ll write a better description at a later time.

  • Don’t let moving stop you from being productive. When I went to Florida I fckt off and “re-grounded” for way too long. I’ve learned to hit the ground running.
  • Allow and accept change. Every new challenge and disruptive change evokes growth. My perception of reality will never be the same as it was yesterday.
  • Learn from your surroundings and embrace different cultures, mannerisms and ideas. A couple years ago, I thought Maine people were similar to the rest of America. I thought at least there would be pockets of people somewhere out there with similar personalities and attitudes. At this point, I think Maine people are “unique”.

For now, I got to get on my game and get this apartment situated. My new boyfriend is camping with his friends and we meet up tomorrow for a long overdue love festival. My goal is to get all my work done today. Oh and my daughter starts travel softball tomorrow.

“Don’t forsake me for being honest.”

Tracy O'Clair
Tracy O’Clair graduated from Thomas College with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing Management. She’s the President and CEO of TOCmedia, a digital marketing agency. Tracy loves marketing, new media and communications. She’s a faithful social media practitioner, blogger and content creator. With values in hand, Tracy is here to educate you on today’s marketing landscape. Topics of passion include marketing, technology and entrepreneurship – with a twinge of family life, hobbies and balance.