3 Easy To Do Instagram Posting Techniques
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Top 3 Easy-To-Do Instagram Posting Techniques

If you’re using Instagram to market your company, you want to make sure you follow these simple posting rules:

Use Hashtags

Too many hashtags is not really enough when it comes to Instagram. Instagram users, filled with teenagers, millennials, the rich and famous, foodies and photographers – expect an exuberant amount of hashtags on every post. So get out your smart phone out, open Instagram and start researching hashtags. As you search each hashtag, Instagram will provide you with a number count. Look for popular hashtags that you can use for your brand. Create a list and use them with every Instagram post.

Long-winded Posts

If you’re already famous by trait, then your popularity will come easy on Instagram. But – if you’re part of the common folk and do not have a national or international following, create longer posts to engage people and tell your story. Then of course, follow up with a dashing display of said hashtags.

Stories, Everyone has a Story

And you should too! It’s definitely hard to keep up with Instagram Stories, especially since they are everywhere – Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram. However, if you want to play the Instagram game and market your brand effectively to this audience – then using the Story functionality is a must. Post on your story throughout the day to, ahem – create a story!

This is a very “what you should do” post without necessarily explaining how. Yet, if you’re in it to win it – and you have to be in order to make it work – you will open Instagram and start posting to figure it out. That’s the only way you really learn.

Tracy O'Clair
Tracy O’Clair graduated from Thomas College with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing Management. She’s the President and CEO of TOCmedia, a digital marketing agency. Tracy loves marketing, new media and communications. She’s a faithful social media practitioner, blogger and content creator. With values in hand, Tracy is here to educate you on today’s marketing landscape. Topics of passion include marketing, technology and entrepreneurship – with a twinge of family life, hobbies and balance.