Notes from a Habitual Entrepreneur by Tracy O'Clair

Notes from a Habitual Entrepreneur

Recently I started calling myself a habitual entrepreneur. It sounds fitting as I am constantly battling an influx of business ideas that flow into my head. I choose marketing and communications shortly after realizing that marketing is the one profession that allows you to touch everything within the company – product, price, business model, customer targeting, messaging, reports, etc.

I’ve owned a digital marketing agency, TOCmedia, for nearly 9 years. All marketing is data driven whether it’s surrounding communication tools like Constant Contact and Facebook Advertising or customer contact information. Privacy is at it’s utmost peak of conversation.  Facebook’s recent breach of data and the release of GDPR, has the industry in an uproar.

Cybersecurity is increasingly becoming a real public and business concern. I’m exploring a Master of Science in Cybersecurity from Thomas College which starts in the fall semester. Last week, I attended MGUT’s Annual Summit to learn more about the tech industry as a whole and more specifically about sybersecurity. It’s very apparent that I know very little about cybersecurity and will need to get a grasp on the tools and techniques of this industry to move forward with both TOCmedia and all business plans I have in the queue.

Speaking of Thomas College, I’ve recently hired two Thomas College interns. Both interns are enrolled in a Bachelor of Science Marketing Management. I’m a little bias to the program as I graduated from Thomas College with this degree back in 2003. Therefore, I’m excited to have new blood on the team.

Earlier this year, my team and I launched a new content marketing website called Online Emergency Supplies. I’ve sunk a lot of money into the development of the website and the launch copywriting. We are currently creating partnerships with affiliate merchants in both the survival products sector and the marketing/tech sectors. Once we have a strategic marketing plan, we’ll begin promoting the brand via digital marketing.

Online Emergency Supplies will be a consumer facing brand offering education for various types of emergencies including natural disasters, biological outbreaks and chemical warfare. My team of copywriters, social media marketers and advertisers, will product content to drive website traffic and create an audience. The project will be funded by merchants who pay sales commission on their survival products and services.

Surviving is something we should all think about regardless if it’s personal or business. I’m a firm believer of self-sufficiency and “holding your own”. Being self-employed has its ups and downs financially; however, I also do not need to depend on one person or company for my income. That’s the beauty of outsourcing and freelancer life.

I did recently take on a side sales and marketing gig at Mainely Escapes, an attraction in Downtown Waterville.

In 2016, I took on a “side gig” with Waterville Main Street, a small nonprofit charged with revitalizing “Main Street”. The organization needed my leadership and strategic organization skills to spearhead their end of year community events – the Parade of Lights and Kringleville. It was a good fit for me personally.

My duties at Waterville Main Street were complete in December of 2017. At that time, I realized I needed another “project”. I began seeking out brands that I found interesting and stumbled upon Mainely Escapes, a hidden treasure within the community that I’ve grown to love. Thus, why I call myself a habitual entrepreneur. I’m constantly turning ideas into reality.

I have a couple other business projects in the queue; however, I can’t release information at this time. Check back here on my blog for updates.

Tracy O'Clair
Tracy O’Clair graduated from Thomas College with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing Management. She’s the President and CEO of TOCmedia, a digital marketing agency. Tracy loves marketing, new media and communications. She’s a faithful social media practitioner, blogger and content creator. With values in hand, Tracy is here to educate you on today’s marketing landscape. Topics of passion include marketing, technology and entrepreneurship – with a twinge of family life, hobbies and balance.