Loitering in Florida is a Waste of Time by Tracy O'Clair
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Loitering in Florida is a Waste of Time

I woke up this morning and thought – wtf am I doing. I’ve been loitering ever since I moved to Florida.

Digital Nomad vs. Location Independent

Yeah, the entire digital nomadic lifestyle looks really cool. You get to travel all over the world, meeting new people, explore, etc. etc. I’ve decided that’s not really what I wanted to do. Yes, there’s a good chance I’ll be traveling a lot throughout my life; however, being completely nomadic is not going to work out for my personality. I need strong bonds with people. I need the security of conquering my own world with possessions. I need to be able to date men with the potential ability to have a successful long term relationship.

What I really wanted to achieve with my business/career is to be location independent. I need the ability to work from anywhere. If I decide to move to California or NYC, I want to be able to keep the client base that I’ve developed.

For now, the ability to move fluidly between Maine and Florida is freedom to me. I also enjoy the entire virtual office space.

I like working with clients and sub-contractors who are virtual. I like the idea that everyone is independent and works because they want to not because it’s forced upon them. I like using all the new project management and communication tools that make a virtual team successful. I like the psychology behind location independent people. I like the drive. I want to submerge myself within the subculture and prepare myself for when it becomes the norm.

2015 Big Goals Accomplished

In 2015, I decided to move to Florida. This was a pretty big thing for me since I’ve lived in Maine all my life and Florida was 1,500 miles from home. You can follow my journey by searching Operation Snowbird on my blog. I moved to Central Florida in August of 2015.

At the beginning of 2015, I made a conscience decision to quit drinking alcohol for a year. Fortunately, a friend of mine decided to take the journey with me. Growing up with a bottle in my hand, made the challenge seem merely impossible. We did it though. We were successful and completed our mission on December 27, 2015. Kudos to us. That was a ridiculously hard accomplishment.

Each of these accomplishments were life changing and tested my inner strength.

The Next Big Thing …

Today I woke up and realized I can’t just be another one hit wonder.

It’s 2016. I need to do something just as complicated as I did in 2015. My mind and spirit are too keen to waste on nothingness.  I don’t want to sit around and “enjoy life”. I want to enjoy life while doing epic shit. I’m much happier when I’m working towards something and achieving complicated life changing goals.

That said, we nearly outlived February of 2016. I need to get on the ball if I want to make a real commitment.

I have a couple ideas brewing. Stay tuned.

Tracy O'Clair
Tracy O’Clair graduated from Thomas College with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing Management. She’s the President and CEO of TOCmedia, a digital marketing agency. Tracy loves marketing, new media and communications. She’s a faithful social media practitioner, blogger and content creator. With values in hand, Tracy is here to educate you on today’s marketing landscape. Topics of passion include marketing, technology and entrepreneurship – with a twinge of family life, hobbies and balance.