Facebook Privacy Changes in Response to Recent Data Breach by Tracy O'Clair
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Facebook Privacy Changes Announced Following Data Breach

Facebook Announces New Privacy Changes

If you’re paying attention to the news, you know that Facebook privacy changes announcement hit main stream media this morning. As reported by ABC News, “Wednesday’s announcement follows revelations that a Trump-affiliated consulting firm got data on millions of unsuspecting Facebook users.”

A Google search, reveals a Facebook advertisement linking to data policy announcement. The article’s title: How is Facebook preventing platform abuse? At the top of the page, Facebook announces that they are investigating all platform apps and conducting a full audit of any suspicious activity.

At this point, you cannot find a lot of information via Facebook’s website; however, you can find more information on the mobile app. Here’s how to get to the Facebook privacy changes on your Apple Facebook app.

How to Find New Facebook Privacy Changes

Open your Facebook mobile app and click on the “hamburger” button. Scroll down and click on “Privacy Shortcuts”. Then scroll down and click on “Data Policy”. See the below screenshots taken from my phone.

Facebook Mobile Hamburger Button   Facebook Mobile Privacy Shortcut Settings   Facebook Mobile Data Policy Settings

Facebook Data Policy Topics

When you open Facebook’s data policy you will find a wealth of information and settings including the following topics.

  • The type of information Facebook collects
  • How Facebook uses your information
  • How Facebook shares your personal information
  • How to manage and delete information that Facebook collects
  • What Facebook does when they get a legal request to share your personal information
  • How Facebook’s global services operate
  • How to get notified when Facebook makes changes to their privacy/data policy
  • How to contact Facebook

Facebook Mobile Data Policy   Facebook Mobile Data Policy Topics   Facebook Mobile Data Policy Settings

Facebook Advertisement Preferences

One of the biggest game changers is Facebook’s transparent communications between advertisers and it’s 2.2 billion users.  You are now able to control your Facebook ad preferences in the following ways.

  • Change the type of information you want shared with Facebook advertisers
  • Review all Facebook advertisers that you have interacted with in the past including websites you have visited or used
  • See all advertisers who have your contact information and hide advertisements that are targeted towards you

Facebook Mobile Ads Controls   Facebook Mobile Ad Preferences   Facebook Mobile Advertisers   Facebook Mobile Advertisers Information

What will this mean for advertisers? 

It is not entirely sure how the new Facebook privacy changes will affect advertisers at this point. In my opinion, the changes will have a positive effect on Facebook advertising. If you compare Facebook advertising to email marketing, you can find opt out benefits. People who opt out of your brand’s communications are unlikely to purchase products/services. Those who say, “YES” to the campaign are more likely to buy. More on this topic later.

Disclaimer: Facebook is in the process of updating their communications to Facebook users. This information may change by the time you are reading this blog article. I’ll scan for changes later this evening and document them on my blog. Time now is 8:15 a.m. March 28, 2018.

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