Tracy O’Clair graduated from Thomas College with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing Management. She’s the President and CEO of TOCmedia, a digital marketing agency. Tracy loves marketing, new media and communications. She’s a faithful social media practitioner, blogger and content creator. With values in hand, Tracy is here to educate you on today’s marketing landscape. Topics of passion include marketing, technology and entrepreneurship – with a twinge of family life, hobbies and balance.
3 Easy To Do Instagram Posting Techniques
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Top 3 Easy-To-Do Instagram Posting Techniques

If you’re using Instagram to market your company, you want to make sure you follow these simple posting rules: Use Hashtags Too many hashtags is not really enough when it comes to Instagram. Instagram users, filled with teenagers, millennials, the rich and famous, foodies and photographers – expect an exuberant amount of hashtags on every […]

Why I Use G Suite for Business by Tracy O'Clair

Why I Use G Suite for Business

Originally I purchased G Suite to host TOCmedia’s email addresses because Gmail synced quickly and effortlessly. Then at the end of 2017, I decided to move all my company’s documents from Dropbox to Google Drive. I’m not a Google specialist. I just [crush a lot] keep up to date on technologies and software that support […]

What is Gutenberg? WordPress by Tracy O'Clair

What is Gutenberg? And Why Should I Care?

What is Gutenberg? And Why Should I Care? I recently attended WordCamp Portland. Gutenberg seminars were strong. I honestly didn’t know there was a controversial WordPress update due to launch at the beginning of 2019. I decided to do a little research. First of all …. What is Gutenberg? Gutenberg will be the default WordPress […]